Healing & Metaphysical Resources

Let us provide you with tools to use as metaphysical resources. You can count on Caldron Crafts to supply you with everything from chakra stones to dowsing rods and pendulums. The crystals or metal serve to channel energy for healing, or to point the way to objects or answers. Here is what we have to offer in our brick-and-mortar and online store:

Chakra Stones in Sets - $25

Each velveteen bag contains a set of 7 stones for use in healing. Each stone lines up with a different chakra or power center of the body.

The set includes:

Display Case
  • 1 Clear Quartz Crystal
  • 1 Amethyst
  • 1 Blue Apatite
  • 1 Aventurine
  • 1 Citrine
  • 1 Carnelian
  • 1 Obsidian

Dowsing Rods — $25

Use this tool to find things underneath or above ground, such as water, water pipes, precious metals, or gems. A dowsing rod has other applications, too. This tool can determine the size of a person's aura and locate where there are energy blocks. A dowsing rod is made with comfortable copper handles and free-swinging wire pointers of about 7/8 of an inch in length. They are available in sets of 2.

Pendulums — $12 to $30

Whether dowsing or divining, a pendulum comes in handy. Many use these to answer "yes or no" questions. They are also helpful for dowsing with maps or foods and herbs, or for locating energy disturbances in the body. The tool itself is made of quartz, amethyst, or fluorite, with a polished stone used in swinging the pendulum.

Send us an email to order the metaphysical resources you need for personal work or professional services.